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No more luxury developments. No more high rents.

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We Oppose the Special Flushing Waterfront District Project

We are Flushing residents, workers, small business owners, and neighbors who oppose the “Special Flushing Waterfront District.” We demand that Councilmember Peter Koo vote No on the developers’ rezoning proposal that will only enrich them at the expense of our community. FWRA LLC--a partnership of three real estate development corporations, F&T Group, United Construction & Development Group, and Young Nian Group LLC--needs Councilmember Peter Koo to vote yes to the rezoning to move forward with their plan of building luxury condominiums, hotels, and office spaces. If Councilmember Koo votes yes, the developers will be able to build commercial properties and 1,725 luxury condominiums that current zoning does not permit them to build. We say NO to building any more luxury condos, which invite gentrification and will drive up our already unaffordable rents. We must stop the rezoning, stop the development, and stop the displacement of working class people from Flushing. The FWRA LLC developers and F&T’s construction company have donated a total of $20,625 to Councilmember Koo’s election campaigns. We demand that Councilmember Koo reject the rezoning, despite the developers’ campaign contributions. Our elected officials must stop serving the interests of real estate developers and speculators, while working people struggle to afford sky-rocketing rents. We need and deserve an economy that works for all of us, not just wealthy people, developers, and landlords.

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Please email us at if you have any questions or want to join us! We need volunteers to help with outreach (in-person and on phone calls), writing, social media, website/tech, graphic design, and translation. We would love to have you help out in whatever capacity you can.