About us


When Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a plan to rezone Flushing in 2015, a wave of predatory developers swooped into Flushing, buying up our buildings and land. Opportunistic landlords stopped doing repairs, kicked out long-term tenants and hiked up the rents for newcomers.

We are losing what affordable housing we have left. Those of us who remain in Flushing are being forced to either pay much higher rents for lower quality housing or double and triple up in homes to meet the hiked costs.

Flushing Commons, Tangrams, One Fulton Plaza, and other luxury projects have displaced our small businesses and made commercial rents unaffordable. Many of our businesses have been forced to relocate or simply close down, costing us the jobs and community staples we need and love.

The Flushing Anti-Displacement Alliance's (FADA) mission is to unite our diverse community against corporate and political interests that are sidelining us to satisfy their greed.

Make no mistake: We want development, a clean up of our creek, and a Flushing that is more livable -- but we want it for those who already live, work and do business here, not for the rich who will move in once we are displaced.

Our strategy

The Flushing Anti-Displacement Alliance (FADA) was created to galvanize the community and become an unrelenting advocate for our neighbors, workers, and small businesses. We are fighting for them, our loved ones and for ourselves.

Our approach is simple: 1) Organize, 2) Organize, and 3) Win.

We are collecting petition signatures, engaging in community outreach, and pressuring elected officials to force Council Member Peter Koo to publicly oppose this luxury development rezoning and send a strong message to all corporate developers looking to turn a quick buck off working families.

In 2016, Koo wrote a letter to the NYC City Planning Commission saying that a similar development project did not serve the interests of the community and that, for this reason, he would not support it. In 2020, FWRA LLC's proposed Special Flushing Waterfront District offers even less to the community, yet Koo is expressing support of the project behind closed doors.

The only thing that has changed is upwards of $20,000 in campaign contributions from the developers associated with the project. We cannot let this corruption continue.

Join us to demand Council Member Peter Koo say NO to the Special Flushing Waterfront District rezoning and support an alternative, community-driven plan that is to our benefit, not developers.